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Roxette is back!!

After years of absence due to personal life and illness, Roxette is back with a vengeance!

2011 is the year of their comeback, with a much anticipated World Tour AND

a new album coming about.

This site has been on and off for a while, mostly because there was nothing much to report on the Belgian side of things.

But 2011 will be different, as Roxette is closing their world tour at Suikerrock 2011, headlining at Tienen's Market Square.

So, I will keep you posted on any news from the Belgian side of things. And hopefully, we will meet each other through this website, through our fanpage on Facebook and of course at Suikerrock. Rox on!


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Latest news

November 7th, 2010

Roxette announces its World Tour, also coming to Belgium!

Almost exactly one year after Roxette spent several weeks in Belgium due to the much appreciated Night of the Proms performances, they have announced a brand new World Tour AND a new album, both in 2011.

After the Proms, Roxette have tried several concerts to see if they could get the taste of concerts back, and boy, did they ever. November 3rd they have announced on their official website an international world tour, kicking off in Russia, passing through several countries, amongst others Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Holland, and ... ending in Belgium.

One of Belgium's most appreciated open air city-based festivals, Suikerrock (Sugar Rock), located in Tienen, a city most famous for its production of sugar (hence the name), is welcoming Roxette as their headliner for the 2011 edition. Roxette will be performing on the Market Square on Sunday, 31st of July, headlining and also closing this festival.

On this website we will keep you up to date on the latest information. You can also check out the info on the official site of Suikerrock or Roxette's official site. Since we are a small Belgian fanclub, we will focus mostly on what's going on in our country. For all the other tour information, check out Roxette's site!

Note: At this moment you cannot yet buy any tickets, that will most likely start in 2011. I'll bet Suikerrock has never sold so many international tickets before .... :)

November 12th, 2009

Meet & Greet with Roxette @ Belgian Night of the Proms 11/11/09

After several weeks of negotiating with the Belgian organizers of the Proms, was able to get together with Per and Marie during the final Belgian Night of the Proms! We sent out a contest through our facebook fanpage and received a number of applicants who wanted to join during the meet & greet.

Unfortunately we couldn’t please everyone as, in agreement with the organizers and Marie Dimberg, we limited the amount of fans to twelve so that everyone got their chance to speak with Per and Marie, get pictures and signatures. With these happy twelve we met before the show. It was all perfectly organized, thanks to our contact person who made sure we had interesting seating tickets for the middle square of the Proms (right before the walking stage and behind the people standing up).

We were told to meet during the break right in front of the stage where we met up with the organizers and were taken to the VIP-area behind the stage. There our group of fans was told to wait for a while, while tension rose between them as almost everyone had never met Marie before, or either member of the band. Finally they were there, relaxed and happy to see us. Per and Marie took their time to talk to everyone, joked about the Proms and explained that both had been quite ill during the first days of the concerts, explaining that they were both under the weather and sad that illness struck.

 But fortunately they both started feeling better soon and were now really enjoying ourselves. (we had already heard before from the organizers that the daily routine during the first days consisted of sleeping, rehearsing, performing, sleeping, …).

Per didn’t go to the Zoo after all but his son did and saw the little baby elephant Kai-Mook! Marie has spent a lot of time at the hotel just resting, while Per did do a bit of sightseeing. They really enjoyed their time in Belgian and were leaving on Thursday for Holland where the first concert in Arnhem will take place on Friday. 

The other members of the band were also there and enjoyed our famous Belgian beer while chatting away with us, saying they knew a little bit of Dutch now (especially how to order more beer J), and also saying they regretted not being able to play even more songs. They seemed quite eager to go out and do more ‘real’ concerts!

A lot of pictures were taken of course, they signed everything and were smiling and seemed quite relaxed with each other. They were both vibrant and enjoyed being here and being with each other. The fans gave them a lot of chocolate, biscuits and other nice Belgian treats and Per joked he would go home a lot heavier than when he arrived. JPer said he was happy to make his fans happy and thanked us for being there. Afterwards we heard from the organizer that he really enjoyed the m&g. When they finally left the show had already started again, and the fans were extremely happy. Thanks once again to the NOTP organizers, Marie Dimberg and of course Per and Marie for doing this for us!  

Rox on!  

November 11th, 2009

The last night of the Belgian part of the Proms has arrived (already!) and it's going to be a special night! We have arranged with the organisors of the Proms to have a meet & greet tonight between Per, Marie and a dozen Belgian fans. We've done a contest through our facebook fanpage and received numerous mails of people who wanted to be there. Unfortunately we couldn't make everybody happy, but we've selected a very nice group of people nonetheless who are going to be meeting Per and Marie tonight. We'll be posting a report and pictures on this site soon!

October 25th, 2009

The Belgian Newspapers have brought very mixed reviews on Roxette's performance during NOTP. Some were a bit harsh (Het Laatste Nieuws said that they weren't the old Roxette anymore - doh!), some were positive and considerate of Marie's situation (Het Nieuwsblad).

Apparently it's not always going perfectly, as Marie has some difficulties with her lyrics and voice but hell, we should be happy she's there and doing this!

Here's the official report of NOTP on the news:


Here is a link to Youtube on Listen to Your Heart during the premier: 

And a not so good video in the beginning but it gets getter of Wish I could Fly:

Per has filmed some stuff himself too at the VIP party. You can find that on the Official Roxette Youtube channel:




It was fantastic! 

Within Temptation, OMD and Roxette of course were fantastic!!

Marie was obviously struggling hard with her emotions on stage, she actually forgot the lyrics to Wish I could Fly (before the break), but when she returned after the break, she sang steadfasty and fabulously. Per as always was amazing too. In the beginning she struggled hard, seeing the circumstances this is normal of course!

the songs they sang: Wish I could Fly (before the break), The Look, It must have been Love, Joyride and Listen to your heart.

If you get the chance, GO SEE IT!!! The concert was amazing, impressive (with the choir and the orchestra). Absolutely fantastic.  

October 23rd, 2009

Tonight's the night! Belgian newspapers have already devoted a lot of publicity to Roxette's comeback op The Proms. The prominent Newspaper "Het Nieuwsblad" has written the following article:

There is also another article in the printed version of the Gazet Van Antwerpen. On Dailyroxette you will find translated versions of both articles, right here:


October 22nd, 2009

In Dutch: Official review first day of rehearsal at Sportpaleis

For those of you who don't understand: Roxette is finally here, says Jan, the organizor. He says that Marie is adorable, and very happy to be there, and it brings back a lot of emotions. It's partytime, he says. They're fantastic pop songs, from the Swedish School, such as Abba. And then Roxette, with fantastic songs that will bring a classic tune to it. We're going to bring fantastic versions.

Links to Roxette rehearsals for NOTP!

Full list on Youtube can be found right here:


The Look

It Must have been Love

Wish I could Fly

And an old take on Roxette coming to the Proms:


October 22nd, 2009

Tomorrow is THE NIGHT of the year! The very first Night of the Proms performance including Per and Marie. The venue is sold out, traffic jams are predicted (so be on time because parking spaces are rare and difficult to find!), and it's going to be a fantastic evening.

YouTube already shows some videos with previews of Per and Marie rehearsing for tomorrow, and they are in great form! We'll post a number of links here soon.

There are, by the way, still some tickets left for other performances for the next weeks. You can still go to the website of the Sportpaleis ( and order them there.

 For those of you not familiar with the Sportpaleis, this is a huge venue located at the Ring of Antwerp. It's Friday tomorrow, already the busiest night of the week, and the Ring of Antwerp (the road around the city) is VERY busy and crowded at normal days. So tomorrow, as usual with large events, it's going to be hell. The second problem is that you have to park either at a paid parking space (not that cheap but worth its price), or in the streets around the Sportpaleis, in suburban areas. So keep in mind a short walk. We actually recommend taking the tram / bus to the Sportpaleis. You can find all those information their website too.

We are going to purchase the newspapers this weekend to get reviews on the concerts and put them on the site, as well as post as many interviews as we can.

Most of all, for those who are going: ENJOY!!!


October 21st, 2009

Yes, it's been quiet over here due to the summer hiatus and a real busy real-life. But we'll try to put as much info as we can on this site to keep you up to date about the performances at the Night of the Proms.

We spoke to Jan Vereecke, organisor of NOTP at the Sportpaleis in Antwerp with our request to organize a Belgian Meet & Greet with the fans, and Jan has forwarded our request to Marie Dimberg. She came back saying that the band wants to focus on their first performances first of all, but that a meet & greet is still possible and will be discussed next week. Hopefully something will come out of this, but we respect Per and Marie's wishes and will not force or push them to set something up. We'll just go with the flow!

Please, for all you fans out there, remember that Per and Marie are also regular folks entitled to a real and private life, and don't stalk them at their hotel. We're sure that you mean well, but don't overdo it. :)



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Or call: 0474/12 83 90 if you have Rox-questions!


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